A consortium of ministries dedicated to obtaining constitutional protection (personhood) for unborn children from the moment of conception.


Fr Stephen Imbarrato
The Protest Priest;” a priest associate of Priests for Life, a national pro-life leader and speaker who is helping lead the peaceful and prayerful protest movement in the US.

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A sustained national peaceful and prayerful protest movement utilizing the models of Martin Luther King’s civil rights protests and Poland’s Solidarity Movement to bring awareness that abortion on demand have made unborn children an excluded class in this country and they deserve constitutional protection from the moment of conception.

Abortion Free New Mexico
AFNM is a systematic approach to closing abortion facilities through investigative research, public exposure, and proper oversight and accountability.

Prolife Witness
The pro-life missionary ministry of Bud and Tara Shaver.

“I believe that we can end pre-born childkilling in 5 years or less! This seems like a provocative statement. If you are intrigued, join our movement.”
Fr Stephen Imbarrato, the Protest Priest (For more information and to signup

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